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the percentage order bimatoprost online of myopia in each class. IX Ill II I 1 2 3 He also examined twenty elementary city schools (4,978 pupils), where the requirements were slightly greater. As before, no myopia was discovered in the six highest forms, but the percentage in the three lowest was: III II I 3 4 10 Among 834 pupils in young women's academies these were the proportions: VIII VII VI V IV III II I 1 2 ; 8 6 16 12 19 The Friedrich's Gymnasium in Berlin (722 scholars) furnished this picture: IX VIII VII VI V bimatoprost canada IV III II I 13 20 16 22 33 48 46 56 61 Of eleven thousand boy cadets of the Prussian army, twenty-five per cheap bimatoprost cent, were found, on examination, to have all the grades of myopia. As we know, American children furnish a better rec- ord, but I doubt whether the pupils of some of bimatoprost price our schools are far behind the Vaterland in this particular. Ellis examined two English primary schools. In one, with two hundred and fifty-five pupils, he found twenty- four per cent, of myopia; in another, eleven bimatoprost cost per cent, were myopic. From France, Switzerland, and Eussia comes the same story — the more prolonged the study hours and closer bimatoprost uk the work the more marked the eye defects when maturity is reached. Another important fact in this bimatoprost synthesis connection is that children of myopic parents are much more likely to be shortsighted than are offspring of farsighted or emme- tropic (normal-sighted) fathers and mothers. Still an- other and more ominous discovery made during the in- vestigations I have just referred to is that the myopia in lumigan bimatoprost children of shortsighted parents is very prone to be- come excessive; hereditary myopia is the variety that furnishes the largest percentage of weak and useless eyes. These facts led Erismann to exclaim: " After a few gen- erations every inhabitant of a European city will be a • myope." And so these figures might be multiiilied indefinitely, warning us, in no uncertain tones, that as we increase the working hours of buy bimatoprost uk bimatoprost ophthalmic early school life we surely and in- evitably increase the percentage of shortsighted and eye- strained scholars of later years; warning us that, so far as regards myopia, at least, the defective eyesight of the mothers and fathers will descend with increased emphasis even to the third and fourth generation of those who in- judiciously employ their farsighted eyes in gazing too early, too often, and too long upon minute and near objects. The moral of mv tale, so far as the kindergarten is 76 WOOD: KINDERGARTEN WORK AND EYESIGHT. [N. Y. Med. Jouk., concerned, may easily be buy bimatoprost online drawn. I had a conversation in Heidelberg, a few years ago, generic bimatoprost with a distinguished Swiss ophthalmologist, himself an authority on this very sub- ject, purchase bimatoprost regarding the alarming prevalence of myopia in Europe. I said we were freer from it in order bimatoprost America. " Just wait," said he, "until you have a few generations of kindergarten bimatoprost 0.03 graduates, and until your boys and girls remain at school and college as long as ours do." I am, of course, waiting, bimatoprost online purchase bimatoprost online but with a belief that school hygiene will yet prevail over this enemy of our national eyesight; and if you will permit me I shall briefly indicate the hygienic precautions that I would suggest to those of you who are especially interested in kinder- garten work. I repeat that my message is especially to kinder- gartners, because, as I have already endeavored to show, the beginnings of damaged eyesight are laid in the early years of school life; the prevention of the evil concerns chiefly, therefore, bimatoprost 0.01 the kindergartner and the teachers in the lower forms, for buy cheap bimatoprost the trouble is often past remedy when the pupil enters the high grades. "With this proviso, I would respectfully make the fol-

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