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Fig. abscess. The abscess pus contained streptococci, but no tubercle bacilli Buy Cheap Lioresal or actinomycosis rays. The fluid from the cyst, viscid and nearly transparent, was not examined. July 24, 1897.1 KNOPF: AEROTHERAPEUTICS AND HTDROTHERAPEUTICS. 113 but the cyst wall was found on examination to consist of nothing: but connective tissues. The tumor was probably a thecal retention cyst. AEROTHERAPEUTICS AND IIYDKOTH HUAPEUTICS IN THE TREATMENT AND PREVENTION OF PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS.* By S. a. KNOPF, M. D. (Paris and Bei.i.evie). PHYSICIAN TO THE LDNG DEPARTMENT OP THE NEW YORK TUKOiT AND NOSE Lioresal 25mg HoepiTAL. Preventive medicine can no longer be called the medicine of the future, for it has become the medicine of the present. All the great advances made in the art of healing by the present generation of medical men have been in the direction of preventing rather than curing disease. Serotherapy, the latest and most mar- velous attainment, by which Lioresal Online we immunize, check further invasion of Purchase Lioresal Online the micro-organisms, and neutralize their tox- ines when the disease has been already established, is preventive Buy Cheap Baclofen medicine indeed. And who will dare deny that before long we may be able to employ serotherapy successfully for all acute diseases? But may we cherish the same hope for chronic disorders where destructive processes have been going on for years, as, Buy Lioresal Online for example, Order Lioresal Online in pulmonary tuberculosis? I confess freely that I can not. Although the great Koch has told us recently that he has Lioresal Price perfected his tuberculin to a degree that he can safely recommend it to the profession, it seems to me difficult to believe that we ever shall have a serum or tuberculin which in a few weeks, even with numerous injections, will be able to produce enough fibrous con- nective tissue to strangle countless tubercles which it took years to form, or to create enough phagocytic blood- corpuscles to swallow myriads Order Lioresal of bacilli. We may employ serotherapy in an acute exacerbation due to an association of Cheap Lioresal Buy Baclofen Online microbes, and my own experiments have taught Lioresal Mg me its value in presence of the streptococci, f But to heal a tuberculous lesion we must produce new tissue; we Buy Baclofen must feed our patient and feed him well. To increase his appetite and his powers of assimilation I know of no better means than the judicious employment of aero- therapeutics and hydrotherapeutics. Will it ever be possible to render Generic Lioresal an individual im- mune from tuberculosis by the injection of a tuberculin or serum as it is possible for us to do in diphtheria and variola? It is certainly not so yet, but these are not the only means to fortify the system against the invasion of disease. Wliile consumptives, through ignorance and carelessness, may spread the germs of their disease every- where, if the teachings of modem phthisiotherapeutics * Read before the American Climatological Association at its four- teenth annual meetinfr. ■(• Knopf. Hygienic, Educative, and Symptomatic Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Presented at a meeting of the New York Academy of Medicine, January 21, IgOV (Medical Record, February 13, 18971 are followed, even the child of tuberculous parents may become a strong, healthy man or Lioresal Tablets woman, and the acci- dental inhalation or ingestion of the tubercle bacilli will not sufQce to make a Buy Lioresal consumptive of him or her. The experiments of my lamented teacher, the late Professor Straus, of Paris, and his pupils Wurtz and Lermoyez, have shown beyond a doubt the frequent presence of tubercle bacilli in the nasal mucusof healthy individuals. But their experiments have at the same time demon- strated the bactericidal quality of the healthy nasal secre- tion. A predisposition to pulmonary tuberculosis may be inherited or acquired, but in either case the means to overcome this peculiar susceptibility are Lioresal 10 Mg the same. Let us examine for a moment an individual predis- posed to consumption, and we shall be better able to understand the reasons for the therapeutic measures which I shall describe. If it is a child, he will either be undersized or Lioresal Intrathecal present an almost abnormal height for Purchase Lioresal

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