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should Generic Name For Yasmin be emptied by the catheter at regular intervals; if there is incontinence, the patient should be kept dry and clean. This is a most important point, says Dr. Eramwell, for the development of a bedsore is one of the chief dangers in cases which do not immediately prove fatal. The third indication is to sustain the vital powers by appropriate feeding and, if necessary, by the administra- tion of cardiac tonics and stimulants. It is important to avoid giving anything which is likely to produce vomit- ing, for the straining which attends the act of vomiting may reopen the ruptured vessel, or, if the bleeding is still going Generic Form Of Yasmin on, increase it. For the same reason, stimu- lants should be withheld, unless they are absolutely re- quired. If the heart is failing, and the pulse rapidly running down, stimulants must of course be Yasmin Generic Name administered even at the risk of increasing or re-exciting the haemor- rhage. During the comatose state. Dr. Bramwell continues, the administration of food and liquids by the mouth requires to be conducted with great care and caution. A nutrient enema may be given every four hours, and if necessary Zarah Generic For Yasmin it may be supplemented every now and again by a nutrient suppository. During the stage of coma, mucus, saliva, etc., are apt to accumulate in the mouth and pharynx, and add to the difficulty of the respiration and the tendency to Yasmin Generic Brand death from asphyxia; for Ocella Generic For Yasmin it must be remembered that in some cases the patient dies during the stage of coma from failure of Buy Generic Yasmin the heart's action, in others from asphyxia and failure of the respiration, in others from the two conditions combined. In others, again, death is preceded or attended by hyperpyrexia. By attention to jjosture (turning the patient on his side, turning the head to one side, etc.), it is in many cases possible to avoid the accumulation of miicus, etc., at the back of the throat, and so to diminish the risk of asphyxia. The relief is, Yasmin 3 Mg however, in most cases mere- ly temporary. In cases of cerebral hemorrhage in wliich these conditions are developed the result is almost always fatal. It is very different when we are dealing with the status epilepticus. In that condition, Dr. Bramwell says, he has undoubtedly in more than one case, by prevent- ing the accumulation of mucus, saliva, etc., in the back of the throat, and so preventing asphyxia, saved the life of the patient. Provided the patient can swallow, a teaspoonful or two of milk may from time to time be given by the mouth, but once the bowels have been Yasmin 21 Tablets thoroughly well opened, it is better to feed the patient by the rectum. If there is difficulty in swallowing, if Yasmin Generic Price the administration of fluids by the mouth produces coughing or choking, the feeding should be entirely rectal. Alcoholic stimu- lants, digitalis, etc., may be given by the same channel, or strychnine (a drop or two of the liquor every two hours) may be administered hypodermically, the effect being of course carefully watched. Possibly in some cases in which the respiration is much embarrassed and death from asphyxia seems immi- nent, oxygen inhalations Generic Yasmin Zarah Generic Brand For Yasmin might be beneficial. The main objects of treatment during the first stage of cerebral haemorrhage are to arrest the bleeding and to tide the patient through the stage of coma. The fourth indication, continues the author, is to prevent and allay the secondarj' cerebral inflammation. When symptoms indicative of this (a rise in Yasmin Ed Tablets tem- perature, headache, muscular twitchings, rambling, a return of the coma, etc.) develop, a brisk purge may be Buying Yasmin Online again administered, cold (an ice-bag) reapplied to the head, and bromide of potassium or a combination of bromide of potassium and chloral hydrate given in addi- tion to the iodide. If, during the stage of secondary cerebral inflam- mation, the pulse becomes very quick, feeble, or intermit- tent, cardiac stimulants — digitalis, strophanthus, strych- nine, etc. Buy Yasmin Uk — must be given; alcohol is probably better avoided. If the pulse tension is high the administra- Buy Yasmin Online Uk tion of remedies which depress the force and violence of the heart's action, such as aconite or nitrite of so- dium, may perhaps be employed with advantage in some cases in addition to purgation. As the symptoms of this secondarj' inflammation subside, the use of bromide of potassium and chloral hydrate should be discontinued. After the symptoms indicative of tliis secondary inflammation pass off, complete rest must still be en- joined until the acute changes round the clot have sub- sided. The use of iodide of potassium, with perhaps a small dose of carbonate of ammonium or tincture of nux vomica, should be continued. During this, the early, stage of Generic Version Of Yasmin convalescence the patient must be care- fully fed, the condition of Yasmin 28 Generic the bladder and rectum attend- ed to, and any cystitis or bedsores wliich may have Generic Brand Of Yasmin devel- oped treated. At this stage of the case gentle massage is useful. Faradaism of the paralyzed muscles, strych- nine, and too active attempts at voluntary movement of

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